Mental Fitness. Resilience. Wellbeing.

There are more physical and mental demands on us than ever before.  Modern life throws us plenty of challenges. 

We show you how to face these demands with more ease, flexibility, and optimism.

The Strengths Shed works with individuals and teams, using evidence-based strategies. We deliver online and in-person workshops, seminars, and development programmes.

Our facilitators are down-to-earth and real. We move the conversation from coping and surviving, to flourishing and thriving. 

Let's talk today.

“The more we improve our own wellbeing, the better we perform – in our jobs, in our roles as parents, partners and as the people we want to be.”

What is Mental Fitness?


It's about the 'top two inches'.

In the same way we need training for our physical fitness, we need training for our brains too!


It looks different for everyone.

We don't all go for the same option on a food buffet, nor are strategies for mental fitness the same for everyone. We tailor our approach and tools to suit you.


It's knowing that life will serve up uncertainty.

Working on our mental fitness every day means we can cultivate the right mindset to overcome adversity.

"Our team is now much more aware of the small yet powerful things they can do for their wellbeing, and often refer back to the workshop activities, delivered in a down to earth and relatable way."

- Claire Tyler, Partner, Rainey Collins Law

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