We’re siblings with a passion for growth, simplification, wellbeing and ongoing learning.

Raised on a dairy farm in Patea, South Taranaki, we appreciate the triumphs and struggles of working on the land.

We are also professionals with extensive experience across the corporate and sporting sectors.

Mental fitness is for us all, and our mindset is everything.

Whether you’re a farmer, corporate-ladder climber, small business owner, athlete or stay-at-home mum, we show you the tools to manage your thinking, in turn building confidence and resilience.

Natalie Tua

Natalie is a development and wellbeing specialist with vast experience across the government, engineering, postal and energy sectors. She partners with senior leaders to develop high performing teams (and implements these techniques on her three young children too). Natalie’s passion and talents lie in coaching and facilitating individuals and groups to thrive.

Contact Natalie today.

Phone: 027 455 9392
Email: natalie@thestrengthsshed.co.nz

Paul Williams

Paul is a professional rugby referee, alongside raising a young family and studying positive psychology and wellbeing. His approach is knowledgeable and practical, with a dash of cheeky banter. Paul shares his strategies for mental fitness and resilience in a mentoring, conversational style. 

Get in touch with Paul.

Phone: 027 427 0511
Email: paul@thestrengthsshed.co.nz

Our cycle approach to mental fitness:

Prioritise pause

  • Making 'space in the pace'
  • Noticing
  • Pausing with intent
  • Reflecting on what's actually going on

Gain clarity

  • Who I am?
  • What are my strengths?
  • Where am I going?
  • What matters to me?

Align it all

  • Aligning our physical and digital environments to what matters most right now

Harness habits

  • Refreshing routines
  • We are what we do repeatedly
  • Compound effect

"It's great to have added many new tools to our individual wellbeing toolkits, and also to have a common language that we continue to use at work, to build a stronger team."

- Kerri Cox, Director, Daisy Jake Hairdressing

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